Shirley & WASB?
Journalist and food blogger.  Here I journal my experiences with new recipes, share old favorites, and post restaurant reviews I wrote for The Boston Globe.  You'll see a lot of baking, even though I cook almost every day like my mother did when I was growing up.  Sometimes you'll see recipes from my family's Chinese, Malaysian, and Singaporean roots.  I hope you enjoy them.

You've probably gathered from my blog's title that I'm a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien. I'm a New York native living in the Boston area with Joe and our cats, Gandalf the Grey and Dorie.

Contact Me
I can be contacted at secondbreakfastblog at gmail dot com.

My Content is Copyrighted Material
I blog in the spirit of sharing.  I hope you find something here that you want to make, that answers your questions, that inspires you.  I love it when I hear that somebody made one of my recipes.  Pin away on Pinterest!  Share on Facebook.

But you cannot repost my photos without permission, or repost any of my original recipes.  If I find my uncredited content on your blog or website, I will send a DMCA request to your host to take your post down.  I don't want to, so please just credit and link back.