Sunday, December 4, 2011

Windsor Tea Room

Merchandise section 2*

Ever notice how a cup of tea and a scone can slow life down, and make it a calmer and happier place?  When life suddenly turns your landlord into a psychotic nut and your life is in boxes, many a cuppa will get you through it.  That's right, folks, I've been silent because I've been apartment-hunting and then moving (still in the same area), but I am unpacking my new kitchen and really eager to get into the spirit of Christmas baking.


But I did make the time to explore a new tearoom with friends, and it was fun and delicious.  So head on over to our Boston Tea Party blog and read mine and Rebecca's takes on the Windsor Tea Room in Cohasset, and I'll get cookin' soon!

Teatime night lights*


  1. My god, I WANT the night lamp! SO cute!! Happy unpacking! Enjoy your first holiday season in your new apartment!

  2. I had my bridal shower at a tea house like this. So fun! Thank you for sharing yourself and your culinary explorations. I'm glad I get a glimpse! I hope you have a restful weekend.


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