Sunday, August 18, 2013

Boston Globe Reviews: The Farmer's Daughter and Molly Moo's

Nicoise salad from The Farmer's Daughter
The Nicoise salad. Pardon the cellphone photo.
I might bundle reviews like this from here on out.  See, all my reviews have gone behind a subscriber paywall except for a short summary, and since most of you don't live in Greater Boston I'm sure you don't subscribe.  What can I say?  Subscriptions help keep me employed.  But if you live outside the area and have a hankering to read about a certain place, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send the text over to you.

Anyway, the review in today's paper is for The Farmer's Daughter, a farm-to-table breakfast and lunch place in Easton.  It's been eagerly anticipated in the town, as my friend Isabelle told me when we went for brunch.  It's fresher and more imaginative than the standard regional diner with eggs and greasy breakfast meats.  And all the produce comes from a farm just up the street.  Read the review at

Ice Cream Sandwich

And in July I wrote about Molly Moo's, an ice cream parlor in Quincy where the owner likes to play with his food.  There you'll find ice cream sandwiches, ice cream cannoli, and ice cream cake pops.

Read the review at


  1. The photos are mouthwatering even though you were using a cellphone camera. Dessert first, please! I need to make a few of ice sandwiches for myself too.

  2. I love the idea of ice cream sandwich, even its winter here I would easily devour them


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