Sunday, October 28, 2012

Boston Globe Review: Eggs Benedict Eleven Ways

Nikos Collage
Photos by Shirley Goh/Globe Staff
Clockwise from top left: The Atlantic benedict has poached eggs and smoked salmon on rye with Hollandaise in a twist on the traditional; muffins; blueberry-stuffed pancakes; and bring a big appetite for the Lumberjack omelet.
This was a great place for weekend brunch.  You know how sometimes you regret eating at greasy diners or chains afterwards, thinking you could have made it better, and for less money?  This isn't that place.  Plus there's the 11 varieties of eggs Benedict.  If you're on the South Shore, visit Nikos in Weymouth.

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  1. Those blueberry-stuffed pancakes look AMAZING! I hate when you order blueberry pancakes and there's, like, 5 blueberries in them.

    1. Maybe that's what they meant by stuffed. I was thinking of stuffed French toast, when two slices of bread are usually sandwiched with something in between, then dipped in egg and fried. No skimping on blueberries here!

  2. My gosh, again I'm struggling here and I cannot wait till breakfast to put some food in my mouth! Haha. I definitely love this blueberry-stuffed pancakes, and The Atlantic benedict... that's a perfect meal right there. Look so good!

    1. The Atlantic Benedict was great, a nice twist on the dish. I actually prefer it to traditional eggs Benedict.


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