Friday, July 26, 2013

Blueberry Cornmeal Buckle

Blueberry Buckle

On a recent visit to the farmers market I got beautiful blueberries, and was wondering what to do with them (besides popping them in my mouth) when I remembered I wanted to try making this buckle.  Upon tasting it, my baker friend at work called this "the best blueberry buckle I've ever had."

Blueberry Cornmeal Buckle

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook calls it a blueberry cornmeal butter cake, and describes it as the place where a blueberry buckle meets Southern cornbread.  If you don't like cornbread, don't be put off.  I'm not a fan of the squidgy, gritty squares that come on the side of plates in restaurants either, but this is different.  The texture is more of a background note, and lends itself well to wonderfully crisp edges.  The buckle is moist and lightly sweet, and the blueberries picked the morning of the market gave it a wonderful, summery flavor.  Make it soon while blueberries are in season, and before summer slips away.

Buckle Batter

I did have one issue with the recipe, and that was the weight measurements.  Given the choice between volume and weights, I always pick the latter.  Using a scale is more precise, I never lose count of cups or tablespoons, and I don't have to break out said cups.  But the buckle was still very liquid in the middle after 35 minutes.  A few minutes more didn't help, and it was still not fully set after sitting in the oven with the heat turned off.  On my second try I used only volume measurements, but also weighed them as I went, out of curiosity -- some of the grams were way off from what the recipe stated.  So, lesson learned: use only volume measurements for this recipe, and I've given only those below.

On a minor note, the streusel topping came out dry and sandy.  I wanted nice, big, buttery pebbles that have more crunch and stay on the top like this crumble, so I increased the butter and tweaked the method.

Blueberry Roulade

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