Monday, January 21, 2013

Celebrating Pride & Prejudice's 200th with Tea

Upstairs on the Square

My Jane Austen book club toasted the 200th anniversary of Pride & Prejudice with afternoon tea at Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge.  This restaurant in Harvard Square serves afternoon tea on the weekends that's a bit modern and whimsical.  More photos and comments follow the jump.

Upstairs on the Square tea
The only stand with the coveted Bacon-Wrapped Date filled with Cinnamon Butter on the top tier.  It was meant as a replacement when the kitchen ran out of blue cheese crackers. There's also a scone and a mini quiche on the top tier.
Upstairs on the Square 4
The entrance

Upstairs on the Square 5
The restaurant front

Upstairs on the Square Austen 2
Our menu, with the dishes renamed to commemorate Pride & Prejudice

Upstairs on the Square 3
Our dining room. The amounts of pink and purple can look shocking in photos, but looks prettier in person.

Upstairs on the Square 2
The view from upstairs

Upstairs on the Square tea 4
Another stand filled with savories and sweets for our large party

Upstairs on the Square teapots
All tea was served in metal pots. They were labeled as “Gray,” “English,” and “Rose” to distinguish the pots of Earl Grey, English breakfast, and rose tea.  I prefer china.

Upstairs on the Square tea eclairs
Eclairs, filled with pastry cream. The pastry cream squeezed out unexpectedly onto the table for some people, but it was delicious.

Upstairs on the Square tea tarts
Lemon tarts with blueberries

Upstairs on the Square tea crackers
These blue cheese crackers were so good! A bit softer than I expected, somewhere between a cracker and biscuit.

Upstairs on the Square tea savories
Shades of Pemberley egg salad on profiterole; Mr. Darcy’s chicken salad on house-made brioche; Mr. Bingley’s four or five thousand a year smoked salmon with caper cream cheese on pumpernickel; and Caroline Bingley’s mini gruyere cheese quiche. Not pictured is the Lizzy's "It's not ragout" Smithfield ham salad on James Beard chive biscuit.

Upstairs on the Square tea sweets
Mary’s mini turtle; Charlotte’s classic eclair; Longbourn date nut bread with citrus spread; Mr. Bennet’s chocolate financier; Mr. Wickham’s tiny cupcake of the day; and Lydia’s lemon tartlets with seasonal fruit


  1. My daughter would definitely love this place, pink and purple with lots of chocolate adn custard goodies

  2. Oh my gosh, I love this place! The entrance as well as the interior is so cute! I love afternoon tea... Haven't gone for a while. Looking forward to bring my daughter to sip tea with me one day! ;)

    1. That will be a sweet experience! I like seeing how every place does their tea different too, from the food to the china.


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