Sunday, March 10, 2013

Boston Globe Review: Traditional Irish Breakfast

Mad Hatter Cafe
Shirley Goh/Globe Staff

Have you ever had a traditional Irish breakfast, with the sausages and soda bread, and black pudding and white pudding?  Mad Hatter Cafe in Weymouth does one.  On an aside, ever notice how many things the British and Irish call pudding?  Black pudding, white pudding, Yorkshire pudding, desserts -- and I think not one is like the creamy stuff in a cup I think of as pudding.  In the meantime, that Reuben sandwich has inspired Joe and I to mix up our St. Patrick's Day menu this year.  We usually do the corned beef and cabbage, but we're going for Reubens this year!  It is, after all, Joe's all-time favorite sandwich.  What are you making on St. Pat's?

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  1. I've "seen" traditional Irish Breakfast but I've never had a chance to taste the breakfast platter. Looks really good! It is a fun idea to go eat Irish Breakfast this weekend! :)

    1. Yeah, you have to mix it up from the same old corned beef and cabbage every year, right?

  2. I want one of those for my breakfast tomorrow :)
    Nice and very filling, I love savory starts so this is really good for me

    1. It's definitely filling. :) I didn't finish the platter.


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