Sunday, December 23, 2012

Boston Globe Review: Portuguese Bread and Pastries

Stoughton Bakery collage
Photos by Shirley Goh/Globe Staff

Writing this review took some serious eating, as you can see.  Stoughton Bakery specializes in Portuguese pastries and bread, as well as non-Portuguese fare.  Here you can see Portuguese English muffins, corn bread, and Portuguese sweet bread; cheesecakes, cookies, and pecan tarts; and Pastel de Nata and other custard cups.

Pastel de Nata is similar to a Chinese dessert, Dan Tat or 蛋挞, though I infinitely prefer Pastel de Nata.  In fact, Pastel de Nata has a following among Chinese people, who call it Poh Tat (phonetically it sounds like the shorthand for Portuguese tart).  It was my first time trying these, and I really enjoyed the experience.  But not the zillion pounds I must have gained on this assignment, even though I gave a bunch of food away.

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  1. I know what you are talking about, I did some reviews before and there is a lot of food. I also did some beer review and that's even worse I have to write everything so I can remember just in case I get drunk. Anyways Have a prosperous New Year to you and your Family

    1. haha I suppose you could take the approach of wine tasting and spit out the beer, but that seems like a waste of good beer. Happy New Year!


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