Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring!! And Pork Belly Buns


By the time spring arrives, I've been feeling cooped up and in need of fresh air and growing things.  Summer has always been my favorite season, a time for vacations, beaches, and barbeque.  But living through New England's dark, cold winters has given me a real appreciation and love of spring.  Everything finally bursts into bloom.  I can't wait to see tulips, peonies, and alliums, and I've already had some daffodil sightings.  Tree blossoms are also my favorite, and I always get a little sad when they fade and get carried off by the wind.


I knew I was probably too early, but the day was warm and bright so I went for a stroll at the Public Garden in Boston this week.  About 3 percent of the place was in bloom, but I was so excited to see these magnolias.


I don't know the names of the ducklings, but this one and its siblings were dolled up for spring.


While the swan boats weren't out for the season yet, these ducks had plenty of watchers.

Pork Belly Bun

And since it was such a lovely day, I walked over to the Prudential Center for some lunch.  I got these steamed buns filled with pork belly at the food truck Fugu.  It was a tough call between these and the kimchee bulgogi panini, but the buns were really good.  Great way to cap off a spring walk.


  1. What lovely photos! All the budding and blooming has had me walking around with a goofy smile!

  2. So pretty! I keep trying to convince Chris that we need a flowering tree in the backyard, and he is still not sold. :/ But I've always thought they were the best thing about spring!

    1. I'm getting a flowering tree for sure when I get a house! I'd like a fig tree too. My parents have two in NY, but I read they don't survive the New England winters unless you bury them or pot them. I took cuttings and planted them in pots, but they would flourish for a while and I would forget to water them and they'd die. :(

  3. Wow those pork belly buns look amazing, this is my favourite part of the pork


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