Sunday, June 9, 2013

Boston Globe Review: Peruvian Place, plus other stuff

Peruvian Place Collage

I was excited to find a Peruvian restaurant south of Boston!  Read the review to find out what I thought.  And pardon the photos -- the photographer assignment fell through, so they fell back on my cellphone photos.

Read the review:

It has also been a good eats week, since my girlfriends came up for a visit, one of them all the way from Germany.  They asked to visit The Bloomy Rind, the cheese shop I reviewed last year, and we took the food to the beach for a picnic.

Picnic Collage
Clockwise from top-left: The Cherry & White Tea Preserves were divine with the Crema Kasa. Kale & chorizo salad. Gouda and Crema Kasa in front, and goat cheese with blueberries, and goat cheese with fennel & lavender pollen behind. Cubano sandwich with farro salad. Beef jerky bar I wasn't brave enough to get.

It was like an eating adventure: we got kale & chorizo salad, and farro salad, and sampled other delicious fare like fresh pea guacamole and a romesco.  Our sandwiches included a bacon & brie, Mediterranean vegetables with hummus and feta, and a Cubano.  We got several cheeses, and finished with Vermont goat milk caramels.  Other good eats of the week included getting Indian with my friends, and an Irish-themed party with a different set of friends (I'll save that for another post).

Of course all the food we've eaten together over the years hasn't been so refined as that from the cheese shop.  We did go to college together -- 'nuff said, right?  What do you eat when you get together with old friends?


  1. Lomo Saltado! That's my favorite Peruvian food!!! Gosh, I love Peruvian food~~~! A lot of people surprised when I say that because it's not very common restaurant, but I look for the best peruvian restaurant and eat... I need to eat that when I come back to the States! Great review!

    1. Thank you, Nami! I'm not surprised it's your favorite... it's so good. I used to enjoy Peruvian when I would visit my sister in Miami, back when she lived there.


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